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A social worker, currently on sabbatical and considering whether to return, talking about things of interest and sometimes annoyance. Sharing thoughts of current and past social work and in particular in child protection. An interest in radical changes to social work that put community and the human part of work at the centre of practice. An advocate for active involvement in changing the discussions around social work and a campaigner for social justice that put children and child protection at the top and centre. Consultant and contributor to various media outlets, organisations and platforms.

Can be found and contacted on Twitter @secretsw


7 Comments on “About and Contact”

  1. secretsw says:

    Sorry Ian, I missed your post. For some reason it didn’t flag up as pending. Please feel free to comment as you wish. Please email me if you like. Again apologies.

  2. anonymous says:

    hello there,

    I’ve just discovered your blog and what a breath of fresh air.

    I am a qualified social worker, with a small numer of practice years behind me, however I have felt so disillusioned in recent months that I stumbled across your blog, during some random searching for a possible career change.

    This blog has given me hope that there are other workers out there who agree with what I believe is the true purpose of social work; engaging with people in genuine relationships to affect change and create better outcomes. However no-one in my office dare to stand up and talk about the. oppression we face as workers and how we are painfully shoe horned into becoming corporate mouth pieces . I really feel like I have been dying quietly inside, due to the suffocating culture social workers currently face.

    It is depressing state of affairs and due to the current culture of not speaking out, I believed that I had got it ( that social work was about striving for genuine relationships with others) all wrong..however what I had lost sight of is the fact that the state has got it wrong by making us into what we are today.

  3. Jo says:

    Hi there,

    Can I ask why you are not currently writing blog posts? I am doing research on the social work voice.


    • secretsw says:

      Hi Jo.
      I’m afraid I’ve not been keeping up with it too well and neglecting posts and twitter a touch. A lot of concerns snot the way social work and in particular child protection is going in the UK right now but not getting much time to write as much as I’d like. Also the social work voice doesn’t get heard too often and mainly ignored unfortunately.

      But perhaps your enquiry will jolt me into writing something soon.

  4. Jason Fullen says:

    Nation’s First Searchable Online & Mobile Database of Domestic Violence Programs


    I’m writing you to see if you would post a story or add a link to any resource pages on your blog about the launch of the country’s very first searchable online database of domestic violence programs. It’s called domesticshelters.org (http://www.domesticshelters.org/) and includes roughly all 3000 of the programs in the US.

    When someone visits, in a matter of seconds – from a desktop, smartphone or tablet – that person can find help closest to them based on their location, language and service preferences.

    I’m a college student helping out this worthy, breakthrough effort. This release (https://www.domesticshelters.org/news/site-launches-to-help-millions-of-abuse-victims-find-help-faster-easier-than-before) talks about the important strategic issues this new free non-profit service resolves. Succinctly put, finding help online has been too difficult up until now.

    The service is offered as a non-profit partnership between National Coalition Against Domestic Violence and a family charity, Theresa’s Fund. October is Domestic Violence Awareness month, and with 25% of women having experienced domestic violence, making your readers aware of this service is both timely and potentially life-saving.


    Jason Fullen
    Social Work Student
    The Ohio State University

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